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RMS Track  & Field Meet Schedule



 Schools Involved

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4:15 PM

4:15 PM 

4:15 PM 


Lake Park East 


1:30 PM 

Practice will be Tuesday-Friday usually 3:00-5:00 PM.  Practice times may vary for different athletes.  Some athletes in field events will practice until 5:00 PM.  Other athletes will only practice until 4:45 PM. 
There will be bus transportation to and from all meets. 
Meets will hopefully start at 4pm but may not start until 4:15.  The meets will usually last until 6:15.  Some meets may last longer. There is no exact time when an athlete will compete. Athlete can leave the meet early. There will be a sign out sheet at the meet that must be signed by a parent.
Meet Event Order:
  1. Field Events start immediately (long jump, triple jump, high jump, & shot put)
  2. Preliminary 100 meter
  3. 800 meter medley relay
  4. 1600 meter
  5. 400 meter relay
  6. 400 meter
  7. 100 meter
  8. 800 meter relay
  9. 800 meter
  10. 200 meter
  11. 1600 meter relay 



In order for a student to participate in RMS Track & Field, you MUST have the following:


1.  An up-to-date physical  This physical should be good through October 2nd.  You can’t practice without a physical on file.  Please turn it into the Roselle Middle School office.

2.  Athletic Fee ($50 paid to Roselle School District #12.  Use your Skyward account or deliver to the office.)

3.  Transportation fee ($50 paid to Roselle School District #12.  Use your Skyward account or deliver to the office.)  You can arrange for your own transportation and opt out of the fee.  You will need to fill out the transportation opt-out form. 

4.Athletic Code (Get it signed and turn it into the office or your coach)  

5. Concussion Form  (Get it signed and turn it into the office or your coach)  



  • Be prepared.  Every athlete should have warm clothes, running shoes, and rain gear in your locker.  If you do not have appropriate clothes for the weather you will not participate in practice.  April and May weather is often times unpredictable.  Therefore, you need to be prepared for anything.

  • Be at practice unless you have a resasonable excuse for not attending (i.e. family, academics).

  • If you need to miss practice talk to the coach before practice.

  • If you make a habit of missing practice you will not be on the track and field team.

  • Do not goof around before practice.


  • All athletic code rules apply.

  • If you are sent home from practice for inappropriate behavior you will miss the next meet.

The most important piece of equipment for a track and field athlete are shoes.  A good pair of running shoes is the best way to prevent injury. Do not get shoes based on how they look.  Instead, you should get the shoes that feel the best to you.


Mrs. Jamee Peake - [email protected] - Coach