Health Class Syllabus

Teacher : Mrs. Donile

Classroom : Room 109

Phone : 529-1600 ext. 2206

E-Mail : c[email protected]

CLASS RESPONSIBILITIES : Be a class Participant not a Spectator

1. Respect others in class and during discussions.

2. Be on time. Each tardy will result in spectator points (points lost!).

3. Use appropriate language during discussions.

4. Stay in your seat until you are dismissed by the teacher.

5. Absent? You've missed something! Please look at Google Classroom to find what you missed.  

6. Confidentiality - Due to the sensitivity of some of the topics that we will be covering in health class, it is important that we respect one another and realize that certain discussions are not appropriate outside of the classroom.


1. All work you do has some type of point value attached to it. Points for each unit will vary. Your grade is calculated on a total point basis.

2. Your Health grade is based on the following:

a. Homework: Most work in health can be completed in class. However, if time is not used wisely assignments may have to be completed at home.

b. Projects

c. Quizzes/Tests (NEW)

d. In-Class Assignments (journal writing, note taking, etc.)

e. Class Discussion/Participation (a key element!)

3. Make-up Work and Test - If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to get all homework and notes. See me if you have any questions or need to schedule time to make up a test.

4. The grading scale is as follows:

A = 90% - 100% B = 80% - 89% C = 70% - 79% D = 60% - 69%

Length of Course : One trimester in 6th & 7th (NEW!)   One quarter for 8th  

At Roselle Middle, health education is based on the wellness approach, which integrates social, mental, emotional, and physical health, along with learning life skills in order to promote a healthy lifestyle for each individual.