Social Worker

School Social Work Services

School Social Workers are dedicated to helping students fully develop their individual potentials...socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. They are part of the total educational team of a school. School Social Workers have earned at least a master's degree in social work. Their unique training enables them to understand and interpret the influences of the school, home, and community on children.

School Social Workers work in the classroom, with students who show signs of social, emotional, physical, or environmental difficulties that interfere with their school adjustment and achievement. Students may be referred by themselves, parents, and school personnel. Services are provided to individual students and groups. Ongoing support groups are also facilitated throughout the school year focusing on a variety of issues including anger management, social skills, and family issues.

School Social Workers help students:

v Achieve maximum benefit from educational opportunities

v Understand themselves and others

v Improve their self-concept and take responsibility for their actions

v Cope with stress

v Develop decision-making skills

School Social Workers help parents:

v Participate effectively in their children's education

v Understand and meet their children's social and emotional needs

v Understand programs available to students with special needs

v Utilize school and community resources

v Understand their rights and the rights of their children

Georgina Meyer, LSW, MSW

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