8th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies Syllabus


Roselle Middle School

8th Grade Social Studies 

Mr. Nowak  [email protected]

Assignments can be found at https://tinyurl.com/nowak-history-19-20

Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies. The primary emphasis in this class is American History. You are going to be challenged to become "little historians.” You will be encouraged to look critically at American History and make your own interpretations. Through this process you will hopefully become a better member of the United States. I look forward to both teaching and learning with you this year.


Here are a few reminders:

 1. Follow school rules. 

 2. Be prepared= bring covered book, pens, and paper everyday.

 3. Follow Mr. Nowak's General Rules and Responsibilities. 

 4. Relax! 

 5. Have Fun!



 It is very important that students be in class. I have found that students with good attendance tend to do well in class. Please make every effort to be in social studies class. Students are late to class if they are not in their seat when the bell rings.



The great thing about "Social Studies" is that it is social. This means that one of the crucial elements to social studies is class discussion. 


Here are some rules that need to be followed in order to have a civilized discussion:

  1. Listen (Listening is the most important tool you need to become a good speaker)

  2. One speaker at a time.

  3. Discuss. Don’t argue, put down, or name call. 

  4. Think before you speak. 

  5. You must back up your claims with evidence.



 Yes, I know you are interested in grades and what grade you think I will give you. It is important that you understand that I do not give grades, rather, you will earn your grade. I "simply" assess what work you have done.  There will be projects as well as quizams every quarter and they are usually worth 100 points. I firmly believe that if you come to work every day you will do well in this class.

I recognize that the social studies assignments can be found at https://tinyurl.com/nowak-history-19-20

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