Renaissance Period

Renaissance Period

Assignment #1 - Become a musical instrument research assistant! In this assignment, you are going to search the web in order to discover musical instruments from the Renaissance Period. Please follow the directions below to complete this assignment:

1. Follow this link describing Renaissance instruments and LISTEN to a variety of different musical instruments from the Renaissance Period. Please spend a true 10 minutes exploring the different instruments.

2. In a Google document, type a five-ten sentence paragraph describing the instrument, when/where it was develped and by whom (if possible), and what the instrument sounds like.

3. FORMAT - First pick a READABLE (legible) FONT. Please put your name at the top (perhaps in the header), center the name of the instrument as a title (perhaps in 18 font), and write the body of the paper in 12 font using the default margins (margins that are already in place) to finish the paper.

4. Please include a picture of your instrument. You can either copy this from the web, or "save as" and insert the picture in your document. Please see me if you are having a problem with this request.

5. When finished... PUT YOUR NAME ON IT and attach it the assignment via Google Classroom.

Assignment #2 - Renaissance dance . . . all generations and time periods have had their dances! Please check out the following link and learn the "steps and moves" to the Renaissance Branle.