8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Pre-Algebra Syllabus

8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Roselle Middle School

Mrs. Rogers and Miss Selzer

Welcome to 8th grade Pre-Algebra! We are very excited to have you in our classes and are looking forward to a great year. We will be using the Big Ideas Mathematics book. This a great series that offers many online resources, including a copy of the entire textbook! We will jump right in with some basic algebra concepts and will then gradually integrate some review concepts, like fractions, integers, percents, and proportions. Although many students find algebraic concepts challenging, we are confident that with hard work, all students are capable of success!

Class Rules and Expectations:

• Respect all teachers, students, and property

• Take responsibility for your own actions (No excuses!)

• Actively listen to the speaker

• Come to class prepared

• Do your personal best!

Homework: You should expect to be assigned homework on a daily basis. Homework is not assigned as a punishment, but as an opportunity to practice and reflect on the skills being taught in class. Putting maximum effort into your homework will help you determine which concepts you are struggling with and will help to prepare you for tests and quizzes. Each homework assignment is worth 3 points and will be collected on a daily basis. In order to receive full credit for an assignment, it must be complete, with problems written and work shown, have been done in pencil, have the assignment and proper student heading written at the top of the page, have been accurately graded in colored pen, have been done in a 2-column format, and be at least 75% correct.

Quizzes and Tests: One or two quizzes will be given per chapter. These quizzes will typically be multiple- choice. One test will be given per chapter. The tests will be free response. Short, pop quizzes on individual sections may be given without notice.

Extra Help: We encourage you to take responsibility for your own learning and take advantage of the after school homework center if you are struggling. The homework center is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 until 4. Math teachers will be available to help you with your homework or to review concepts.