Physical Education

Physical Education

Roselle Physical Education Philosophy

We believe that a solid physical education program focuses on three main areas: physical fitness, understanding of athletic skills in formalized activities, and development of physical skill through movement activities and through the process of teambuilding. We recognized that each student develops at his or her own pace. Therefore, we believe there is the need for personalized learning in the area of physical education. What is learned will be adjusted to the characteristics of the learner so that the skills can be successfully acquired and maintained by the student.


A Roselle PE uniform is required for class. The uniform, sold through the school, consist of hunter green mesh shorts and a gray heavy cotton T-shirt. Students are responsible for putting their last name on the back of their shirt and bottom of their shorts. Students are required to have on the PE shirt and shorts, as well as gym shoes to participate in class. Classes will be held outside; a temperature of 52 degrees is the minimum. We strongly encourage students to bring sweat pants and shirts, in addition to their PE uniform.

Locker Rooms

All students are assigned a locker to store their gym clothes and shoes in. A large locker is available for street clothes and books during P.E. class only. Students are to use only locks that are purchased through the school. Students should never share their locker combination with anyone.


The curriculum is set up in three to four week units. The organization is as follows: learning rules and fundamentals, practice drills and skills, series of games, and a written exam. Intermittently, fitness days will be added each week.


Team Sports

1. Football
2. Soccer
3. Speedball
4. Team Handball
5. Basketball
6. Volleyball
7. Softball
8. Kickball

Individual Sports

1. Fitness Training
2. Badminton
3. Dance

Grading Policy

Students are assessed on being prepared for class; having their full P.E. uniform, participation in class; giving their best effort, written test, and fitness testing improvement.

Fitness Improvement-10%


1. Students will be given a squad to sit in for attendance.
2. After attendance, students will begin a warm-up activity.
3. Students must be in their squad for attendance and be ready for class.
4. Students will be issued a tardy if not in the locker room when the bell rings. A tardy will be issued, resulting in a level one stamp.
5. Students will not be allowed on the stage or the bleachers without the teacher’s permission.
6. The students will go into the locker to change until the teacher gives them permission.
7. After outside class the students will line up at the door to inside the gym.
8. If a student is absent, it is up to the student to get any missing work. The teacher and student will meet to set up a time to make up any work.

1. Students who do not dress in the proper P.E. uniform will be given a written assignment. Students who are out of gym for a doctor requested period of time will have an alternative assignment.
2. Students who do not dress three times in a quarter will HAVE THEIR GRADE LOWERED ONE LETTER GRADE.
3. No jewelry will be allowed in P.E. class. Stud earrings will be allowed.
4. Gum chewing or eating of food will not be allowed in the gym or the locker room.
5. All injuries must be reported to the teacher.
6. Students may not leave the class without permission from the teacher at any time.

***Parent or Doctor’s Excuse If a student must be excused from class for 1-3 days, a note from a parent is required. If a student needs to be excused from class for longer than 3 days a note from a doctor will be required.


1. Pay attention to the games and activities that are going on the class.
2. Do not wear jewelry. This includes watches, rings, hoop earrings, and necklaces.
3. Shoes must be tied at all times.
4. Do warm-up exercises before game activities.
5. Wear socks to protect your feet.
6. Do not run in front or interfere with students playing a game or an activity.
7. Keep clear of flying equipment such as bats, rackets, hockey sticks, etc.
8. Students must wear goggles and shin guards for floor hockey.
9. Students must wear shin guards for soccer and speedball.

Basic Rules and Regulations

1. One gym suit available from the Middle School.
2. A combination lock available from the Middle School.
3. A pair of socks.
4. A pair of gym shoes. Non marking soles.
5. Deodorant. Aerosol sprays are not allowed in the locker room.
6. Sweat shirt and sweat pants for outside activities.
7. Students name should be on all materials in the locker room.
8. A student can be excused from PE for up to three days with a note from home. If a student needs to be excused for more than three days a doctor’s note is required.
9. Uniforms are to be taken home for washing on Friday or the last day of school for the week.

1. Students must enter and leave the locker room through the hall doors (not the gym door).
2. At the beginning of the year, each student will be given a locker to be used for gym class.
3. Locks must be purchased from the school. Students should memorize the locker number, lock combination, and lock serial number.
4. Lockers must be kept locked at all times. Do not share your combination with anyone.
5. Do not leave your gym clothes in a big locker. These are for your use during the class period. Many students use the big lockers, so be sure to not leave any belongings in them.
6. Noise will not be allowed in the locker room. As soon as you are dressed for class sit down and listen for instructions from the teacher.
7. Students will be given 5 minutes to change in the beginning and at the end of the periods.


Jeff Fontanetta

Physical Education 6-8

Athletic Director

Time available 10:20-11:00 am

Phone 630-529-1600 Ext. 2009

email [email protected]