Online Access to Math Text

Online Access to Math Text

Homework Help Online - Here you can access tutorial videos that will explain the lessons covered in class. You can also practice problems for each concept to be sure you understand it before attempting your homework.

-You should definitely watch the lesson videos if you are absent or if you missed math class due to band, doctor 's appt., etc.

To access the online textbook and all the available resources, use the directions below.

* In the address bar type in

* Enter your username and password (It is the same as your computer login at school)

* Select the resource you want to use

Lab Resources Online - Here you can practice with online manipulatives such as fraction bars, fraction/decimal grids, integer chips, algebra tiles, and calculators. You can also access the Technology Lab Record Sheets. To get to these sites, follow the directions in method 1 above, but instead of going to Homework Help, go to Student Resources.

Parent Resources Online - So that your parents might help you at home if needed, an overview of the concepts taught in the chapters is available here for them. Again, follow the directions in method 1 above and select Parent Resources instead of Homework Help.

Other Helpful Tools - Besides the resources above, the Holt Resources Online includes a multilingual glossary, chapter projects, career resources, WebExtra articles, and chapter gametime activities.