Music Curriculum

Music class at Roselle Middle School is a comprehensive curriculum based on the Illinois State Learning Standards (please see useful links to link to this site). All students at RMS will be provided with fundamental music education set up through a nine-week enrichment course for music appreciation.
6th Grade Music
6th grade music is designed to learn how to speak and write the language of music. Students explore the 7 basic elements of music via singing, clapping, interaction with worksheets, movement, and computer assisted programs. Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Form, Tone Color, Expressive Elements and Style are covered in this 9 weeks of music!
7th Grade Music
7th grade music focuses on music history and how music functions in society. Students begin the course with a computer based composition project. Students are expected to compose their own song during this portion of the course. After, students study four basic units of music history: Medieval Period (music before 1450), Renaissance Period (1450-1600), Baroque Period (1600-1760), Classical Period (1750-1825).
8th Grade Music
8th grade music class focuses on modern music. The course begins with the Romantic Period (1825-1900) and continues to the 20th Century "Classical" music (1900-present). After the "Classical" periods are finished up, then we begin jazz history and a short history of Rock music. A cooperation learning project during the jazz chapter and a research paper in the Rock chapter are challenging, but extremely educational!