Welcome to the Spring Hills School Music Room
where young musicians can find exciting new challenges and possibilities for learning.
In our music classroom, we will create a community of musicians where all children are encouraged to explore and where all contributions are welcomed and valued.
I look forward to hearing from all of you.
e-mail address: [email protected] 
Phone: (630) 529-1883 
Musically Yours, Janien Balgemann

Music Rules

The music classroom is designed to give students an enjoyable opportunity to experience music through singing, movement, instrumentation and listening. In order to accomplish that goal, several rules have been set in place.

Making a mistake is o.k. as long as you do your best.

Use good listening skills.

Sing with spirit.

Instruments need special care.

Character counts so make good choices.

What Will We Learn In Music Class?

The music curriculum at Spring Hills School is especially designed to nurture each child’s understanding of the basic elements of music.
Beat - Rhythm - Melody- Harmony- Form
We will also explore music history, composers, songs from foreign countries, sound science, dance, instrumentation, and proper singing techniques.
Kindergarteners - will integrate music with drama and movement.
1st Graders - will integrate music with literature and art.
2nd Graders - will apply music concepts to instruments in ensemble.
3rd Graders - will apply traditional notation to recorders.
4th Graders - will explore instruments of the orchestra and research a chosen composer.
5th Graders - will compose and perform a piece of music using traditional notation and proper compositional techniques.