The purpose of this page is to provide parents and students with information regarding the music program at Roselle Middle School. Please check the links to the left for details.
If you need to contact me at any time, please call me at Roselle Middle School at (630) 529-1600 x2112 or email me at [email protected].

Music Rules and Expectations

Instructor: Mr. Cash
Class Time: Periods 1-3
Course Length: 1 Quarter

Required Class Supplies:
*Paper for notes and quizzes
*Three pronged folder (provided)Course Assessment and Process:

Each student will engage in the learning process. Engaged learning shall include:

-Verbal and Written Participation
-Computer Participation
-Written Tests
-Aural Tests
Grades will be based on the following scale:

A=90% to 100%
B=80% to 90%
C=70% to 80%
D=60% to 70%
F=50% to 60%
The cumulative grade will be a compilation of the following:

*Worksheets and Participation

Folders must be neat, bound, and well-organized with ALL work completed. Please remember that someone else will be using the three-ring binder next quarter. All points will be added and the grade will be determined by the actual points possible over the student's earned points. To determine your grade at any time, add your total points earned by all assignments completed and divide that by the total possible points.

Tests and Quizzes

You will be given 5 to 7 tests and quizzes in this course. During a test, YOU MAY NOT TALK, TURN AROUND, or COPY. Please do not get up and walk around. You will not be allowed to use the rest room (emergency cases only). If you violate these rules, you will receive zero points for the test and you will not be allowed to make up or retake the test. You do not have to be a musical genius to do well in this course. As with all subjects, if you take your time, pay attention, come prepared, and DO THE WORK, you will earn a good grade. Shoot for the "A!"

Substitute Teacher Rule

If you are rude or behave poorly when a Substitute teacher is in this room, you will receive a Level II. All infractions that require extra attention from a substitute will result in further action taken until the situation is rectified or resolved. A substitute teacher is a guest in this room and any room in this school. Guests will be treated with respect and dignity in District 12 schools.

Tornado Emergency Plan

In case of a tornado, quietly and calmly exit the room and turn left. Please stay to the left and file to the end of the hallway. Please line up all the way to the end and leave very little space between you and the person next to you. Please assume the "tornado safety position."

"Lock Down" Procedure

There are times when we will need to remain in the classroom during an emergency. When the signal is given, we will locate to a "safe place" and turn off the lights, assure the classroom door is locked, and remain there for further instructions.

Music Class Rules

1. Be Prepared and on Time.
2. Be Polite, Honest, Sincere, and to the Point.
3. Unless you have permission, please do not play the instruments.
4. If Mr. Cash is in his office, please do not get out of yor seat without permission.
5. You get respect in this room... return the professional courtesy.
6. Please do not interrupt others.
7. Have FUN... in moderation!