Language Arts/Reading

Language Arts/ Reading

"My Perspectives" ELA Curriculum Overview 
-Students will receive a workbook with materials needed AND students will have access to the materials online. 
-There are 5 units with in the textbook: Generations, A Starry Home, Turning Points, People and the Planet and Facing Adversity. 
-Each unit it set up in the same manner: Whole-group learning, Small-group learning and Independent learning.
-Within each unit are different assessments that are either in groups or independent.  Most assessments are centered around writing.  The three types of writing that are focused on are argumentative, informative and narrative. 
-Novels that will be read this year are The Giver, Across Five Aprils and Call of the Wild.  
 - 3 ring binder
-  Spirial notebook
-  Writing untensils
- "My Perspectives" workbook 
Classroom Rules 
The classroom rules and expectations are listed in their assignment notebook.  Students are expected to come into class quietly, fill in assignment notebooks and complete the Bellringer.  All materials should be brought to class. Using manners and respect is an expectation for all students in all classes.