Health is Academic

The philosophy of health education and promotion is "healthy children are better learners, healthy people are better workers, and healthy families make better communities."Though it is not fair to expect schools to solely be responsible for solving the nation's health and social problems, the school is a natural environment to learn health information and focus on health promoting behaviors and skills.

The Roselle Middle School health education curriculum is based on current "best practice" in the field.The "best practice" approach uses researched based lessons to address the six broad health behaviors identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as posing most risk to young people and teaching the five essential life skills necessary for healthy human development.Below is a list of the health risk behaviors and life skills that will be addressed in the curriculum. Parents are the primary educators in their child's life.

Live Well!

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Useful Links

Hi parents/guardians and students!

I have listed the websites below to help you find current information and resources for health information.