GRADING (Concert Band) 
1. Attendance - 40%
Band attendance - 18 days x 3 pts = 54 pts

2. Performance - 10%
-Audition performance - (for 1st and 3rd quarters only)
-Jury Performance - (for 2nd and 4th quarters only)

3. Lesson performance/ attendance - 25%
Students are expected to attend lessons during the school day. Students are graded on attendance, performance, completion of assignment, and effort.

4. All other performances - 25%
Including Concerts, special outings, IGSMA, etc.

5. Extra Credit - up to 5% (at Director's discretion)
-Extra practices
-Extra student work - filing, attendance, set-up, Talent Show, etc.

*Grades in the 4th and 5th grade are based on effort using the current grading system at SHS.