Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionS

1. How often will my child miss class for band and will it affect their academic grade?

Full band classes are during lunch recess for 4th and 5th grade students and during common time for 6th-8th grade students. So, for full band, students DO NOT miss class. However, students in 5th-8th grade may be pulled from regular classes to attend lessons. EVERY effort is made to accommodate students who need to attend class during a lesson and lessons are excused for study sessions and tests.

2. Will my child receive a grade in band?

Yes. In 4th and 5th grade, students receive an effort grade. In 6th-8th grade, students receive a letter grade. Please see the grading criteria in the band handbook.

3. How much does band cost?

Start up costs in 4th grade range depending on whether you rent or buy an instrument. Rentals can run between $25 - $50 per month (depending on the instrument and where you rent). "Out right" purchases are the best "bang for your buck" and can range from $200 to over $1000.

Additionally, yearly fees also apply as follows (please note that financial assistance may be available):

Co-curricular Fee - $50

*This fee is due to the office on or before Oct. 1st for 5-8th graders. However, for the 4th graders, the fee is not due unless your child stays in band into the 3rd quarter (January of the current school year - reminders will be sent out).

Uniform Maintenance Fee - $10

Pancake Breakfast Tickets - $25

Solo and Ensemble Fee (if participating) - $5.25 to $23.25

Private Lessons (if participating) - $10 to $40/hour

Instrument Maintenance (if necessary) - $0 to $100/year

Being in a great BAND - - - - - - PRICELESS!

4. Are all performances mandatory?

All school concerts are mandatory. Band is a performing ensemble. Grading is based on performance. Students who are unable to attend band functions will need a signed excuse from their parent except in cases of emergency (emails may suffice, there may be exceptions... disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer).

5. How often should my child practice?

Ideally, all students should practice every day. Realistically, all students should try to practice four or five times a week. Students should be able to practice for at least 30 minutes when practicing, and the sessions should be PRODUCTIVE!!! Please note that we all learn at different speeds, efficacy, and ways. SUCCESS IS HIDDEN IN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE!!!

6. Should my child take private lessons?

YES. Private lessons allow for the teacher to focus on INDIVIDUAL student needs. It is difficult in group lessons to give students the one-on-one time they need in order to be successful!

7. What is the Pancake Breakfast and do we have to participate?

The annual Pancake Breakfast is a fund raiser for the band. ALL families are asked to sell 5 tickets for this event at $5/ticket ($25.00 total). Information regarding the Pancake Breakfast is mailed home in the Spring.

8. What if my child wants to quit?

Please call me if your child wants to discontinue playing or you feel we need to discuss your child's music education!