Election 2016


Voting Guide

The 7th grade students at Roselle Middle School have been working hard to understand what the candidates’ views are on all of the important issues to voters. At the beginning of this process, each student picked 3 issues that were most important to them and viewed the election process through that lens. They watched debates, analyzed quotes, and researched the candidates’ biographies.

Finally, they researched what the candidates have said about the 3 issues that were most important to them. In collaboration with their peers, they created projects designed to inform you about each candidate’s stances are on the issues that are important to them.

But first, a message from 7th grade students at Roselle Middle School . . .

Why should you vote?

Video - 7th Grade Social Studies students answer the question, "Why should you vote?" to encourage registered voters to exercise their civic responsibility this November. Directed, shot, & edited by Isabelle, Lexi, Jake, Abby, Michelle, & Brooke.

Project Name & Link

Created by:

Clinton Vs. Trump

Isabelle & Lexi

“Jimmy & His Friends” (Video Skit)

Damian O., Alex N., Sophie R., & Dominik P.

Candidate Issues

Kayla, Taylor, & Erin

Republicans vs. Democrats

Leah & Hayley

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Election

Sarah & Rachel

A Voter’s Guide to the 2016 Presidential Election

Michael, Mikey, & Jake

Presidential Election 2016

Andrew, Nick, Stephin, Nate, & Ike

Candidate Issues

Abby, Michelle, & Brooke

Poster (see below)

Georgia, Martyna, & Brayden

Presidential Election for 2016

Xandria, Bianca, Lani, & Lili


Matt, Eli, & Aiden

Hoopla FOX News - Video

Anna, Bellastar, & Lily

Candidate Issues

Seth, AJ, Dom, & Damian