Chromebook Information

7th Grade Chromebook Information


In 7th grade, all students have received a Chromebook laptop computer from the District that they will use in all of their classes this year. Students are responsible for taking this computers with them from class to class during the day and home with them after school. In addition to the Chromebook, students received a charger so that they may keep their Chromebook charged and ready for school each day.

In addition to the Chromebook and charger will/may use:

  • headphones (on school supply list)

  • USB mouse - wired or wireless (optional)

  • Chromebook case

Chromebook/Google Apps Login Information

Each student has been given a username and password that they will use to login to their Chromebook AND all Google Apps for Education.


The student’s school username (usually first initial + last name)

For example, if George Washington went to RMS, his username would likely be [email protected]


Add “gs” at the beginning of the student’s school password.

For example, if your school password was 234567, then your Chromebook password would be gs234567.

7th Grade Chromebook Expectations 16-17



  • Bringing the Chromebook to school every day and make sure it is fully charged.

  • Never sharing my account passwords with others (except teachers/administrators).

  • Using only the applications that are already on the Chromebooks and NOT downloading any software or other programs (unless instructed to do so by a teacher).

  • Not bringing food or drinks out when Chromebooks are in use.

  • Being careful when using removable storage devices, as the ports are damaged easily.

  • Never lifting Chromebooks by the screen or putting pressure on the top of the Chromebook when it is closed.

  • Placing the Chromebook securely on the working surface.

  • Storing my Chromebook in my classroom when not in use (bathroom, gym, lunch, after-school activities, etc.).

    • If you have 1st Period Gym - leave it in your locker until 2nd Period.

    • Leave it in your locker BEFORE going to lunch.

  • Carrying my Chromebook in the classroom with two hands supporting the base of the device. (This prevents damage to the hinges.)

  • Reporting any possible problems to a teacher immediately.

  • Keeping the device clean and not touching the screen with anything (e.g., finger, pen, pencil, etc..) other than approved computer screen cleaners.


  • Using my Chromebook to access and create educationally appropriate material.

  • Lowering the lid when the teacher is talking.

  • Using my Chromebook in the classroom when instructed to use it.

  • Muting the sound on my Chromebook. (Use of your headphones is permitted, when granted by teacher.)

  • Remembering that general school rules and expectations apply to the use of the Chromebook, both at home and at school.


For each infraction, the student and teacher will discuss the incident. Severe or repeated infractions will be forwarded to Mrs. Schneiter for review. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the following steps may or may not be used in a progressive manner:

1st infraction – Warning

2nd infraction – Upon teacher discretion, student may lose Chromebook privileges for remainder of class.

3rd infraction – Student will meet with the teacher and he will determine if the student should lose Chromebook privileges for 1 week.

4th infraction – Student will lose Chromebook privileges for a period of longer than 1 week.

Serious infractions including, but not limited to, hacking, bypassing District filters, and/or blatant misuse of the Chromebook, may result in immediate loss of privilege.

Additional information about Chromebook damage, home internet filtering, and parent tips can be found on the Roselle District 12 Chromebook Page.