8th What is Music? Paper

8th What is Music? Paper

20th century classical music is one of the, if not the most controversial time period in music history. With the rapid development of technology and political unrest around the world, the very definition of music was stretched to include abstract sounds and concepts that were difficult for audiences to grasp, enjoy, and/or understand.

Please write a ONE page, DOUBLE spaced paper showing your understanding of 20th Century music AND give your definition of what you think music is...

1. In the first paragraph, you are going write about what you have learned about music (Classical music) of the 20th Century. Study the following MODERN 20th Century Genres (you can also refer to your study guide). There are a lot of them. You need to write a cohesive paragraph describing three of the genres and articulating the difference between tonal and atonal music using the genres as examples.

2. In paragraph two, you need to define/explain "What is your definition of music?" Basically, do you agree with John Cage (everything is music) or do believe in dictionary.com's definition of music? Many students will fit "somewhere" in between... but ultimately, answer the question as thoroughly as possible giving examples, etc. to support your opinion.

3. In a Google doc, put your name and date in the header (under View, then Header and Footer). Next, pick a font for the rest of the paper. PLEASE choose a legible/readable font. I need to read it! Put the title in 18 point font and the rest of the paper in 14 point font.

4. Begin discussing some of the aspects of 20th century music. The beginning should not begin with, "I think..." Instead, begin with, "20th century classical music..." 

5. In order to receive full credit, you must include/have/do the following:

a) Follow directions!

b) Have two paragraphs and AT LEAST half a page! One paragraph defining/discussing 20th century music AND the other explaining what you THINK music is. 

c) Use at least THREE genres or composers to support your opinion.

d) When finished, attach your paper to the assignment on Google classroom.  

This assignment should take the average student one and one-half class periods.