8th Romantic Composers PP

8th Romantic Composers PP

In this assignment, you and your classmates are going to discover and report on the 18-23 most famous composers in the Romantic Period. A period in music ranging from 1825-1900. Please choose the composer in the following list that corresponds with your book number.

1. Ludwig van Beethoven
2. Karl Maria von Weber
3. Franz Schubert
4. Giocchino Rossini
5. Hector Berlioz
6. Michael Glinka
7. Felix Mendelssohn
8. Frederic Chopin
9. Robert Schumann
10. Franz Liszt
11. Richard Wagner
12. Giuseppe Verdi
13. Bedrich Smetana
14. Anton Bruckner
15. Stephen Foster
16. Johannes Brahms
17. Alexander Borodin
18. Georges Bizet
19. Modest Moussorgsky
20. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
21. Antonin Dvorak
22. Giacomo Puccini
23. Gustav Mahler
24. Camille Saint-Saens

Each student will create a five point PowerPoint presentation. The slides should contain the following information.

SLIDE 1 - Introduction slide with composer's name and dates of existence. Please include YOUR NAME on the slide as well.

SLIDE 2 - This slide should contain BIOGRAPHICAL information. Perhaps where the composer is born, where he/she went to school, the composers main instrument, personal affects, etc. Try to include 4-6 facts (different bullet point).

SLIDE 3 - This slide should continue the BIOGRAPHICAL information. Remember to include 4-6 facts for this slide... please do not write more than this, it will clutter up the slide.

SLIDE 4 - This slide should include SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS the composer made TO or ABOUT music. Try to include 3-4 facts (different bullet points).

SLIDE 5 - This slide should include songs composed by the composer.

Please remember to be creative and made it look good! You SHOULD try to finish these in one day.

The following sites can be used in order to aid your search. You do not need to include a bibliography, but you MAY not copy or paste directly from the internet. USE YOUR OWN WORDS!







When you are finished with your project, please save in the 8th grade shared folder, Music Group 1 with YOUR LAST NAME and then THE COMPOSERS LAST NAME. For example, if my project was on Franz Lizst, I would save as cash lizst.