8th Rock Paper

8th Rock Paper

Objective - Create a research paper that articulates your understanding of a particular time period, musician, or genre of Rock music from 1950's to the present.

Directions - Using the guidelines below, you will pick a time period or a musician (could be a band) or a particular genre (such as folk rock, glitter rock, disco, grunge, etc), find information about the topic, gather information on the topic and write a two - three page paper on the topic. Please refer to the guidelines below.

Here are the rough guidelines:

1. Pick a topic. Remember, you need to research the your topic. Otherwise, there needs to be enough information for you to write a paper. Choosing the latest and greatest artist may limit your search. You are required to have AT LEAST two to three resources on your topic.

2. Gather information and begin your paper. If you are writing on an artist, begin with a biography of your artist or group. Remember to include all pertinent information, including when he/she was born, where he/she lived and where they received their musical training, etc. Half of your paper should be a biography or information about your topic. The other half of your paper should relate the RELEVANCE (and significance) of your topic to Rock music.

3. In a Google document, put your name and date in the header (under View, then Header and Footer). Next, pick a font for the rest of the paper. PLEASE choose a legible/readable font. I need to read it! Put the title in 18 point font and the rest of the paper in 12 point font DOUBLE SPACED. Remember, you MUST go over two pages.

4. You will need a bibiography/works cited page. Keep a record of the websites you goto every day. You can copy and paste the site on your paper as you are working on it and then finish the bibliography when you are done.

Please do not limit yourself to resources. There are library books and other internet pages that are available for your use (www.google.com).