8th Rock Genres

8th Rock Genres

The file above and the link below have over 190 Rock genres listed. In this assignment, you are going to look at the 8-10 genres that are listed next to your book number and 1) figure out which are appropriate to write about in class and 2) pick five to present in a powerpoint.

1. Check out the document above to figure out which genres are written next to your name. NEXT, check them out.


PLEASE NOTE!!! - Some of the genres listed next to your number are inappropriate to write about... it is YOUR job to figure out which ones next to your name are inappropriate. At your age, you SHOULD be able to figure this out! Please DO NOT write ANYTHING that is TOO NEGATIVE, TOO CONTROVERSIAL, OR USES INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE!

2. In Powerpoint, on the title page, TYPE Rock Genres - Put your name - And list the genres next to your number.

3. Next, type up one or two slides per genre listing WHAT IT IS, WHO SINGS IT, and AN APPROPRIATE YOUTUBE video.

4. Please remember to AVOID VIDEOS with inappropriate language or content.