8th Jazz Timeline Project

8th Jazz Timeline Project

The jazz timeline project is the time for you and your group to "show your stuff." You will be using Google Sheets to do this project. The biggest issue with the project... FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. The project NEEDS to be in chronological order. The idea is to look at (if any) patterns that emerge relating the music to the time period. 

You will have FOUR to FIVE class sessions to finish your project. 

Here are the requirements for the project. You and your group are responsible for who does what and how the project is organized. You MAY have up to five different timeliner files per group. You do NOT HAVE TO HAVE THIS MANY.

1. You need to cover from the beginning of jazz (1900) up to the 1950's (roughly five decades).

2. Your group folder is in the 8th grade folder on the server. You can put ALL files in this folder, including pictures!

3. There will need to be ONE slide per event, composer, genre, etc. DO NOT group all of the decade events on just ONE SLIDE!

4. Your project is intended to be CONCLUSIVE. This means, you must include these FOUR areas for full credit. MUSIC EVENTS, COMPOSERS/ PERFORMERS, GENRES, HISTORICAL EVENTS (non music related).

Here are the requirements for each section:

MUSIC EVENTS - This section should include significant musical events within the dates given. Be prepared to write at least TWO sentences for each entry. Each decade should have at least five events. SEARCH and read, they are out there! You may need to use a book! Pictures are a MUST!

COMPOSERS/ PERFORMERS - This section should include significant composers from each decade AND a three sentence (or more) biography in your own words! Strive to include two composers/performers from EACH decade. You must have a MINIMUM of ten composers.

GENRES - Follow the jazz genres chronologically through time. List each genre's date of inception (when or roughly when it came about) and a brief description of each. List as many as you can find. There are alot, but you should try to find AT LEAST eight.

HISTORICAL EVENTS - This section is easier than some of the others. You need to find FIVE historical non-music related events for each decade. Be prepared to write TWO sentences on each event.

4. Everyone MUST present. This means ALL members will speak during the presentation with EQUAL time (roughly) per member.

HERE ARE SOME HELPFUL SITES. You and your group are not required to use these sites. Remember, there is always google.com!

http://www.jass.com/ - Good site!

http://www.apassion4jazz.net/ Good site!

http://www.smallsjazz.com/ - Lots of information, but written at a college level!

http://www.allaboutjazz.com/timeline.htm - Good site with detailed list of dates.

http://www.visarkiv.se/links/Jazz_History.htm - When all else fails, try this site. It has links to EVERYTHING! However, some links work... and some links do not!

http://www.harlem.org/ - This site will also take you to clips on Amazon.com. Take your time to listen to a little jazz!!!

http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/bhistory/history_of_jazz.htm - Good site. All about jazz with audio clips.

http://www.southernmusic.net/timeline.htm - This is a GREAT jazz timeline. This site should be VERY helpful!