7th Grade WIN

Welcome to the 7th Grade WIN / Discovery Zone Site!
Here, you will find pictures, videos, and links from 7th grade students' projects that they have worked on during WIN time throughout the year. 


WIN Presentations


Tommy, Adrian and Brett-  Middle School Madness 


Madison K - Strive to End Poverty


Jakobi and Brent - The Secret History on 9/11


Ania - Art Vomit


Ainsley and Magda - Kids Cancer Website


Kasper - How to Get a Good Car


Ava A - Discovering Denistry's Wonders

Cece - Government Conspiracy Theories

Ally - How I Learned Japanese

Bahaa - Bloody Mary Story; Presentation

Alessandra - The Journey of Babysitting

Ria - Interior Designing

Bode, Will, and Jace - The Effects of Boxing

Sofia, Lexi, Warisha - Traveling to Hawaii
Youstina - My Buildings
Cece & Ally - What's Cookin? 
Ania - Puns 
Kasper - Thomas Gets His Revenge (game) 
Madison K - Defeat the Monsters 
Brett, Adrian and Tommy- Baseball Injuries 
 Payton- Learning German
Youstina - Sweet Treats 
Brent & Allen - PS4 vs. XBOX One 
Sarah & Naty - Holiday Gifts & Treats
 Abby & Sarah - Swim Drills