Summer Band Camp

(June 18th - June 29th)

Summer band is AN EXCELLENT opportunity for your child to "get ahead" in band. Please see below for specifics and download forms required to attend. Please remember, there may be financial assistance available. Contact Mr. Cash for more information.

Varsity Band (8:00am-9:50am)

Pre-requisite - Open invitation to all students currently enrolled in 4th grade band.

Course Objective - Go through all of your scales and continue with rhythm techniques and ensemble rehearsal. Go through fun but educational music with your peers!

Do NOT let music pass you by! Get the skills and information you will need to catapult your success as future Concert and Jazz band member.

Remember, we also go outside for a break when it is nice!

Concert Band (10:00am-11:50am)

Pre-requisite - Open to all incoming 6th -8th grade students. Must follow District's Band Handbook policy regarding Concert band status.

Course Objective - Continue learning about the three elements of pitch, balance, and blend. Prepare concert songs that will be the staple of next year's programs; including Christmas in July, spring program music and IGSMA contest music for next year.

This is an expectation of all Concert Band members. Keep your chops in SHAPE!! Practice with your peers during summer band!

Jazz Band Select (1:00pm-2:50pm)

Pre-requisite - Audition or provisional status.

Course Objective - Continue your success with the wonderfully talented Jazz Band Select. Practice NEW styles of jazz with your peers as you explore new ROCK, SWING, BEBOP, and all kinds of FUN MUSIC!

Learn new styles of improvisation as you continue to learn the art of Jazz and the heart and soul of this countries root in New Orleans Jazz music.