Social Studies

Social Studies


Social Studies Syllabus 

Beginnings of American History:

Original (364 × 500)

Roots of the American People

Europe Looks Outward

Colonies Take Root

Life in the Colonies

Forming a New Nation:

Surrender of Cornwallis at

The Road to Revolution

The American Revolution

Creating the Constitution


The Constitution Test

The New Republic:

File:WLA nyhistorical George

Launching a New Nation

The Era of Thomas Jefferson

A Changing Nation

The Nation Expands and Changes:


North and South Take Different Paths

An Age of Reform

Westward Expansion

Civil War and Reunion:

American Civil War[edit]

The Nation Divided

The Civil War

Reconstruction and the New South

*Disclaimer: Listed above is every chapter from each book. Due to time constraints, we may not complete every chapter.

Social Studies and Reading Online Textbook Access

You can access the social studies textbook online through the “Pearson” link in your bookmarks folder on your Google Chrome toolbar. Here is a video if you can’t find it:

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