Math Guidelines

Math Guidelines

*Each day you are expected to bring the following to class:
  • textbook
  • math binder
  • homework
  • sharpened pencils, red pen, looseleaf paper, pencil sharpener
  • independent reading book
  • any additional supplies requested by your teacher for that day
You will receive a "Missing Materials" negative ClassDojo point if you are unprepared with the items needed that day.  3 "Missing Material" points in one week will result in a minor infraction.

Homework will mostly be done online, but work should be done on paper.

When correcting papers in class, use a red pen. Mark the incorrect problems with an X and correct problems with a check mark. Write the total number correct on the top right of the paper.

** Failure to follow any of the above rules will results in loss of points.
*All homework is expected to be turned in on time.If you do not have the assignment on the day it is due, your assignment notebook will be stamped Missing Assignment . Late daily assignments will generally not be accepted for credit.

*When absent, it is your responsibility to get the assignments from me and to arrange for any missed tests/quizzes. The appropriate time to do this is either before or after class OR during Common Time. ( Assignments may be found on the weekly assignment chart in the classroom.) You should write ABSENT on the top of all absent assignments and turn them in to the Late/Absent tray in the classroom. Absent work will be graded by your teacher and will not be penalized points as long as it is turned in when you return (You will be given one extra day for each day you were absent).
*Problems of the Day – On Mondays, you will be given a Problem of the Day sheet. Each day when you come into class there will be a problem on the Smartboard for you to work. After you have gotten your materials out for class, you should work the problem neatly to the best of your ability in the box for that day and circle your answer. You will have only a few minutes to work the problem, so you will need to get busy as soon as possible. We will begin class by going over the problem. You are to mark a C on the problem if it is correct and an X if it is incorrect in red pen. If incorrect, you should also write the correct answer in red when we go over it. The Problem of the Day sheet will be placed in your math binders and will be counted for a grade when binders are collected.

*Grading in math will be based on tests, quizzes, daily homework and occasional miscellaneous assignments. Tests are usually worth 100 points, while the point value of quizzes and other assignments may vary. As stated above, homework is generally worth 5 points each day.

The grade scale used in this class is as follows:

90% - 100%..................A

80% - 89%....................B

70% - 79%....................C

60 % - 69%...................D

59% and Below.............F

*Extra help is always available if you need it.You should use Common Time to come to me with questions or if you need help.