Cross Country


Roselle Ravens Cross Country


Q & A for Roselle Ravens Cross Country:

  1.  What is Cross Country? -- Cross Country is an enduring running sport.  Races are 1.5 miles long.
  2. Why would I want to join Cross Country? -- Get involved with an RMS team, get in shape, have fun, and hang out with friends.
  3. Who can join? -- Any Roselle Middle School student


    In order for a student to participate in Roselle Raven Cross Country, you MUST have the following:


    1.  An up-to-date physical  This physical should be good through October 2nd.  You can’t practice without a physical on file.  Please turn it into the Roselle Middle School office.

    2.  Athletic Fee ($50 paid to Roselle School District #12.  Use your Skyward account or deliver to the office.)

    3.  Transportation fee ($50 paid to Roselle School District #12.  Use your Skyward account or deliver to the office.)  You can arrange for your own transportation and opt out of the fee.  You will need to fill out the transportation opt-out form.


    4.Athletic Code (Get it signed and turn it into the office or your coach)

    5. Concussion Form  (Get it signed and turn it into the office or your coach)


    • Be prepared.  Every athlete should have warm clothes, running shoes, and rain gear in your locker.  If you do not have appropriate clothes for the weather you will not participate in practice.  Therefore, you need to be prepared for anything.

    • Be at practice.  Do not get into the habit of missing practice to hang out with your friends, finish a project, or do homework.  These are all excuses.  You will have friends in cross-country.  If you do not show up for practice, you are letting down your teammates and friends.  School is more important than cross-country, but you should plan ahead to get your work done ahead of time.  When you are on cross-country you are different because you are part of a team. Your conduct and academic expectations are higher.  

    • If you need to miss practice talk to Mr. Nowak before practice.

    • If you make a habit of missing practice you will not be on the cross-country team.

    • Do not goof around before practice


    • All athletic code rules apply.

    • If you are sent home from practice for inappropriate behavior you will miss the next meet.

    If possible, you should have a pair of running shoes.  Running shoes should last about 400-500 miles. If you have a pair that fits from last year, it should still be good.  A good pair of running shoes is the best way to prevent injury. Do not get shoes based on how they look. Instead, you should get the shoes that feel the best to you.  I would go to a running shoe store. They can fit your foot the best. I personally go to Dick Pond Shoes. Here is the website for the locations

    Practice Begins Monday Aug 26 until until 4:15 at RMS.


Mr. Dan Nowak -
Mr. Raland Engle - - Athletic Director