Athletic Code

Athletic Code


The Roselle Middle School Athletic Code has been established for all students taking part in any athletic program. Participating on an athletic team is considered an extension of the regular school day. Participation in the athletic program is a privilege and carries certain expectation beyond those found in the normal classroom situation.

Roselle Middle School is a member of the Northwest DuPage Valley Conference, which is a competitive conference.


The purpose of the Roselle Middle School Athletic Code is to clarify for students, parents and faculty basic beliefs, expectations and requirements for participation in co-curricular activities. This Athletic Code establishes eligibility, as well as participation and discipline policies.

Beliefs Statements

We believe that Middle School students should be encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, and that coaches/sponsors should try to maximize the participation of students.

We believe that scheduling conflicts should be identified and communicated to the coach by students and parents at the beginning of the season.

We believe that the purpose of Middle School co-curricular activities is to provide students with varied learning opportunities that emphasize cooperation, skill development, teamwork, and enhance self-esteem.

We believe that winning is an important component of Middle School athletics, but winning should never be placed above encouraging cooperation and experiencing a variety of activities.


  • In competition and practice, students are expected to:
  • Play according to the rules.
  • Be gracious in victory and defeat.
  • Control his/her emotions.
  • Respect the judgment of others.
  • Be on time.
  • Accept constructive criticism from the coach.
  • Take pride in himself/herself and the school.
  • Follow all of the rules and expectations listed in the District #12 Conduct Handbook.
  • "The School Code of Conduct, including disciplinary action, applies to all students who are engaged in any student/school sponsored or recognized activity on or off school property." Conduct Code page 16

Requirements for Participation in Co-curricular Activities

Before try-outs begin:

  • Participants must be currently enrolled in a District #12 school.
  • Participants must have a current athletic physical on file with the office.
  • Participants must have a strong desire to be part of the athletic team
  • Participants must have a basic knowledge of the sport.
  • Participants must be academically eligible.
  • Participants must have paid the appropriate co-curricular fee(s).

Rules for Participation

  • Participants must have a signed Consent Form on file with the coach.
  • Participation in practice sessions scheduled by the coach is required.
  • An absence from practice not approved by the coach will make the athlete ineligible to play at the next game.
  • Participants must comply with the rules specific to the team.
  • Participants must comply with the co-curricular discipline rules.
  • No jewelry is to be worn during practices or games.
  • Participants must furnish their own water bottle.

School Attendance

To be eligible to participate in any event scheduled on a school day, a student must be present at school on the day of the event. To fulfill this requirement the student must be present for at least half of the school day - a minimum of 2.5 clock hours. The Principal or designee has the discretion to waive this requirement if the absence is related to routine matters such as a dental appointment.

If a student is absent from school due to illness on the Friday before a scheduled weekend event or the day before an event scheduled on a non-attendance weekday, the student may participate in the event if, at the discretion of the parents, the student has sufficiently recovered from the illness.

Academic Eligibility

To be eligible to participate, a student may not have a failing grade in any one class, and may not have a D in two classes. If try-outs are held within 2 weeks after the end of a grading period, the most recent nine-week grade will be used to determine eligibility for try-outs.

A student who is ineligible will not become eligible again until the above academic eligibility requirements are met. Students will be ineligible for one week. Eligibility periods run from Monday through Friday.

Throughout the athletic season, teachers will be surveyed regarding student grades every Thursday. Information will be requested concerning all participants of the current athletic season. The teachers will notify the coaches on Friday of any students receiving D's or F's. The coaches will be responsible for determining the academic eligibility of the student-athletes.

Athletic Participation Policy

All students who try out for an athletic team must meet the minimum requirements set by the district, coaches, and IHSA (Illinois High School Association).

The Roselle School District cannot guarantee that every student who tries out for a team will be accepted as part of the team.

While the District emphasizes the inclusion of as many students as possible, playing time for each member of a team cannot be guaranteed.

Discipline Policy for Co-curricular Students

Participation in a co-curricular activity is a privilege and carries certain expectations beyond those found in the normal classroom situation.

A co-curricular student is classified as a student who is participating on an athletic team.

The first detention an athlete receives during the season will be served on a non-game day.

Any student who receives two detentions during one season will be ineligible for the next game.

Any student receiving a Level II offense during the season will be ineligible for one week. This ineligibility includes all practice sessions.

Electronic Devices - Students may not use or possess any electronic paging device or any cellular radio telecommunication device in school or on any school property (ref. Illinois School Code 105 5/10-20.28 and 10-21.10) (pagers, walkmans, CD players, I-Pods, video games, and laser pens are also prohibited from school). Conduct Code page 16

Cellular phones may only be used to make arrangements to be picked up from an event. They are not to be used in the stands for social conversations or picture taking.

Individual concerns should be addressed first to the coach and, if necessary, then the building principal should be contacted. Please refer to the "Parent / Coach Communication" policy for more detailed information.

Revision April 2006